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  • Free Medicine Program

    Established by volunteers, Free Medicine Program has helped countless families across the nation substantially reduce or completely eliminate their prescription drug bills. The majority of our appl...  [Full Record]   [Add to Personal List]

  • Salud Para La Gente Clinic

    Medical Department: Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 8am-5pm Dental Department: Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 8am-5pm Comprehensive Prenatal Services Program (CPSP): Hours: Mo...  [Full Record]

  • Salud Para La Gente, Inc.

    Salud focuses on providing cost-effective, high quality primary health care to the underserved low-income communities, in the Monterey Bay area, primarily Santa Cruz County and North Monterey County. ...  [Full Record]   [Add to Personal List]

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