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General Agency Information
Description:Earth911, Inc. is a for-profit wholly owned subsidiary of Infinity Resources Holdings Corporation that specializes in providing consumers with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country.

Our Earth911 Recycling Directory is the most accurate and comprehensive directory of its kind and contains recycling information for over 300 materials. We have collected over 1 million ways to recycle that people can search for to find their nearest recycling options and resources. We also have the toll-free, bilingual 1-800 CLEANUP environmental hotline and a free mobile application, iRecycle
Mission:The ultimate goal of Earth911′s Advertorial Department is to provide an open and transparent platform for companies, industry groups and other interested parties to engage Earth911 readers on various recycling or proper disposal issues.
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Not Applicable
Public Transportation:Not Applicable
Eligibility:Open to All
Areas Served:United States
Subject Headings
 Electronic Waste Recycling
Information Lines
Information Services
Recycling Centers
Web Directories
Web Sites
This record last modified November 1, 2013

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