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Dominican Hospital Health and Rehabilitation Services

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General Agency Information
Name:Dominican Hospital Health and Rehabilitation Services
Primary Phone:831-457-7707
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:24 Hours, 7 Days
Description:Dominican Rehabilitation Services provides a wide spectrum of highly specialized rehabilitation services across the continuum of care to ensure complete coverage for the needs of the whole community. Services range from inpatient and outpatient, for the young and young-at-heart.

Care providers include specialists in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, as well as other highly trained staff members, all of whom share Dominican's mission to provide excellent and compassionate service to the community.
Programs:The Hand Therapists at the Dominican Hand and Arm Rehabilitation Center provide evaluation and therapeutic management for patients who have lost hand/upper-extremity function. Referral is by physician prescription. Many insurance companies cover these occupational therapy services, including Medicare, private insurance and Workers Compensation. For more information, call 831 457-7130.

Dominican Health and Rehabilitation Services provides comprehensive rehabilitation for individuals with all types of neurological disorders, from victims of trauma to disease. Our primary goal is to ensure that the patient is the primary member of a multi-disciplinary team, including the physician, nursing staff, case management, and occupational, physical and speech therapists. We provide excellent care throughout the course of rehabilitation, from the inpatient hospital through the rehabilitation units, and to our specialized outpatient programs. We also offer several community classes designed to ensure that our patients stay healthy and strong, and to help prevent future problems.

Physicians can refer community members to the center's disease management programs, including Cardiac Risk Reduction, Asthma Management, Diabetes Management and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Prevention and wellness services, which do not require a referral, include weight management, fitness assessments, health screenings, and one-on-one appointments with staff, including nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists and lifestyle coaches. Contact Dominican Hospital's Center for Lifestyle Management at 831 457-7077
Languages other than English:Can Arrange for Others
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Available Within Four Blocks
Eligibility:Call for Information
Fees:Fixed Fee
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
Physical Location:Santa Cruz
Related Agencies
Parent Agency:Dominican Hospital
Subject Headings
 Occupational Therapy
Orthopedic/Orthotic Devices
Physical Therapy
Private Nonprofits
Prosthetic Devices
Rehabilitation/Habilitative Services
Speech Therapy
Stroke/Head Injury Rehabilitation
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