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UnChained, Inc.

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General Agency Information
Name:UnChained, Inc.
Alternate Name(s):Paws Helping People, Inc.
Address:P.O. Box 441
Soquel, CA  95073
Primary Phone:831-818-8738
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Monday-Friday, 9-5
Description:Some weekends
Fundraising and Events on Weekends: Times vary

UnChained teaches at-risk youth how to train shelter dogs basic skills, good manners and socialization using positive reinforcement. Through this training, the youth learn patience, responsibility and respect for themselves and others, while helping to increase the chances of adoption for the dogs. When the youth see the effects of change they have on the dogs by giving them a second chance at life, they begin to take the risk in believing they can do the same for themselves.
Mission:UnChained fosters empathy and respect in at-risk youth through animal advocacy
Programs:Canines Teaching Compassion - Animal-Assisted Therapy/Dog training for kids and canines at-risk
Facilities:Alternative high schools and youth organizations in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties
Meetings:Call for more information: 831-818-8738
Volunteer Info:Contact Stacey Iverson at or Melissa Wolf at 831.818.8738
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Varies Depending on Location
Public Transportation:Call for information
Eligibility:Open to All
Areas Served:United States
Funding Source:Donations
Federal Government
Contact Persons

Melissa  Wolf

Subject Headings
 At Risk Youth
Prevention Programs
Volunteer Opportunities
Youth Development
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