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Free Skool Santa Cruz

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General Agency Information
Name:Free Skool Santa Cruz
Alternate Name(s):Santa Cruz Free Skool
Address:703 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
Driving Directions
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Varies
Description:Free Skool Santa Cruz is a grassroots project, a decentralized skill-sharing network that promotes self-reliance, mutual support and vital communities: a direct challenge to institutional control.

See Free Skool calendar for class times.
Programs:Since 2004, Free Skool has offered nearly a thousand classes and workshops on subjects ranging from DIY skills to academic subjects. Free Skool offers three quarters a year, Spring, Summer, and Winter.
Facilities:Classes are informal, egalitarian, and are held in homes, social spaces, and parks.
Publications:Calendars, online and hard copies in cafes
Volunteer Info:Do you have unique skills and knowledge? Do you want to see change in the world? Are you willing to share what you know in a non-authoritarian and interactive way in an informal setting? We'd like you to be part of this project. We are all students and we are all teachers here.
Languages other than English:Portuguese
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Varies
Eligibility:Open to All
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
Funding Source:Donations
Subject Headings
 Alternative Education
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