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General Agency Information
Address:2121 41st Ave Suite 303
Capitola, CA  95010
Driving Directions
Toll Free:800-481-4662
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:By Appointment
Description:AdvantaCare is the leading regional provider of respiratory and nutritional services. With AdvantaCare, our patients enjoy dedicated service from our specialized respiratory, sleep and enteral nutrition follow-up programs as well as state-of-the art respiratory therapy products and a wide variety of home medical equipment and supplies.
Offering a full formulary and dietitian support for patients who are receiving enteral feedings or TPN at home.

Home Respiratory
Providing expert advice on the broadest selection of home oxygen, nebulizers and respiratory medications.

Sleep Management
Helping patients manage Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) comfortably and effectively.

Medical Equipment
Delivering, setting up, and providing hands-on training for homecare patients and their families.
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Not Applicable
Public Transportation:Not Applicable
Eligibility:Open to All
Fees:Call for Information
Areas Served:Monterey County
Santa Cruz County
Subject Headings
 Medical Equipment/Supplies
Oxygen System Accessories
Respiratory Aids
Tube Feeding
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