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Scotts Valley Performing Arts

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General Agency Information
Name:Scotts Valley Performing Arts
Primary Phone:831-818-1516
Description:Community Theatre Company
Scotts Valley Performing Arts is a non-profit corporation providing Scotts Valley and the Santa Cruz County community with opportunities to participate in the performing arts. We place a high value on showcasing new and emerging talent as well as providing experienced talent with an opportunity to participate in all of our programs. We are especially committed to providing a space where adults and children can work side by side, learning from each other and enriching each other's experiences.

We welcome all who have a commitment to producing high quality theatre, with special emphasis on involvement of the local community and local talent. We are committed to openness and fairness and continually strive to be a positive role model in contributing to our community.

ELIGIBILITY: Strong interest in supporting community theatre.

FEES: Average ticket prices are $15-20.
Mission:To enrich, educate, and build community spirit with all ages through quality theater productions.
Programs:Annual Broadway Cabaret
Youth Shakespeare Program
Fall Musical
Volunteer Info:If you have been to one of our previous productions, you can see there have been lots of changes to the facility. Thanks to volunteers who support theater with their time, labor and money, Scotts Valley Performing Arts is well on it's way to first class performances.

Volunteers and dedication to theatre arts are what SVPA is all about. Many of the actors, young and old, and parents of our young actors participated in the theater renovation project. They also build the sets, make or find the costumes, sell the tickets, find the advertisers and make the program. We are a participatory theatre company in the true sense of the word. It takes many hands to get the job done, and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with every one.

If you are interested in theatre or just thought it might be fun to learn what it is all about, SVPA has opportunities for you both on stage and off. If you know how to sew, use a screw gun, build a web page, wrangle kids, or dial a telephone, now is your opportunity to make something wonderful happen.
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Varies Depending on Location
Public Transportation:Call for information
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Fees:See Description Notes
Areas Served:Monterey Bay Area
Pajaro Valley
San Lorenzo Valley
Santa Cruz County
Scotts Valley

Gina Marie  Hayes
Director Youth Shakespeare Program

Subject Headings
 Acting Instruction
Dance Instruction
Performance Art
Theater Performances
Vocal Music Instruction
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