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Equal Rights Advocates

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General Agency Information
Name:Equal Rights Advocates
Alternate Name(s):ERA
Address:1170 Market St. #700
San Francisco, CA  94102
Driving Directions
Primary Phone:415-621-0672
Toll Free:800-839-4372
Fax Number:415-621-6744
Description:Equal Rights Advocates is a nonprofit legal organization dedicated to protecting and expanding economic and educational access and opportunities for women and girls until equality is secured for all.

Advice and Counseling Hotline
ERA's Advice and Counseling Hotline is here to help you understand your legal rights. Free, discreet, individualized advice is available if you are facing:
Different treatment at work or school because of gender
Unequal pay at work because of gender
Pregnancy discrimination or maternity leave problems at work
Sexual harassment at work or school
Mistreatment for complaining about gender discrimination at work
Family medical leave issues

Calls to the Hotline usually take half an hour to an hour and are confidential. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of ERA's legal team. If you have a question about the conduct of your current employer, try to make your call from somewhere other than work.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions on our website for more information about how the Hotline works.

[800-839-4372] to speak with a counselor or use the online intake form

No Drop-Ins Please.

ELIGIBILITY: The ability to take on individual cases is limited and depends upon availability of resources.
Publications: The Equal Employment Restoration Act of 2012: Removing the Obstacles Imposed by the Wal-Mart v. Dukes Decision and Restoring Justice for Women Workers
Expecting A Baby, Not A Lay-Off – Why Federal Law Should Require the Reasonable Accommodation of Pregnant Workers
Fact Sheet for Doctors: Keeping Your Working Patients Healthy
Family and Medical Leave/Pregnancy Discrimination brochures
Know Your Rights: Sex Discrimination at Work
Know Your Rights: Sexual Harassment at Work (En Español) and School
Newsletter and Annual Reports
Pregnant and Working: What You Need to Know and Key Facts
Women in STEM: Progress and Targets
Languages other than English:Can Arrange for Others
Accommodations for Disabled:Wheelchair Access
Public Transportation:Available Within One Block
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Areas Served:United States
Physical Location:San Francisco

Noreen Farrell
Executive Director

Subject Headings
 Employment Discrimination Assistance
Employment Issues
Private Nonprofits
Public Awareness/Education
Sexual Harassment Victims
Women's Advocacy Groups
Women's Issues
Women's Support Groups
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