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Special Olympics, Northern California

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General Agency Information
Name:Special Olympics, Northern California
Primary Phone:408-392-0170 ext. 204
Fax Number:408-392-0158
Description:Offers a year round sports training program for developmentally disabled children and adults. Sports program includes basketball, softball, swimming, bocce, skiing, soccer, track and field, bowling, power lifting and golf. Meet at different venues throughout Santa Cruz & Monterey.

ELIGIBILITY: All developmentally disabled persons 8 years and older are eligible to participate. An athlete application (medical) is required to be filled out completely and then signed by doctor, which is good for 3 years.
Volunteer Info:Share your love of sports with people with disabilities. Assist coaches in sports: soccer, basketball, skiing, track and field, bowling, power lifting, softball, bocce, and swimming. Contact Cindy Blyther.
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Parking & Wheelchair Access
Public Transportation:Available Within Four Blocks
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Areas Served:Monterey County
Santa Cruz County
Funding Source:Contributions

Nick  Tanza
Sports Manager/Area Director
408-392-0170 ext. 204

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Developmental Disabilities
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Special Olympics
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