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Tandy Beal and Company

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General Agency Information
Name:Tandy Beal and Company
Alternate Name(s):Friends of Olympia Station, Inc
Starstuff Productions
Description:We have produced tailor-made corporate events since 1992. Our past clients include Pixar, Oracle, MCI, SF 49ers, Zales, SF Symphony. Carl Sagan had us create a show for NASA's SETI project for its once every 10 years meeting with Russian scientists.

LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH: depending on the project: Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French
Programs:We provide dazzling entertainment, including seasonal shows, for theatres, convention halls, exhibits, banquets, and celebrations of all kinds. 30-60 minutes of non-stop singing, fiery world chants to hip funk and Motown grooves matched by stunning world circus acts and dance, tailored to the client's requests.
Languages other than English:See Description Notes
Accommodations for Disabled:Wheelchair Access
Public Transportation:Available Within Four Blocks
Eligibility:Open to All
Areas Served:Worldwide
Physical Location:Santa Cruz
Funding Source:Fees
Proceeds from Sales
Subject Headings
 Circus Performers
Dance Instruction
Dance Performances
Educational Programs
Music Performances
Performance Art
Private Nonprofits
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