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Name:Pisces Moon Productions
Alternate Name(s):Pisces Moon Educational Theatre
Address:P.O. Box 3422
Santa Cruz, CA  95063
Primary Phone:831-429-2328
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Varies
Description:Pisces Moon Productions, established in 1998, uses theatre as a powerful tool to educate, entertain and ultimately connect human beings, recognizing theater's power to make a real difference in the lives of people in our community and in the world.

We present current, incisive and enlightening theatrical productions that celebrate diversity and promote justice.

We offer free community forums and discussion groups around the issues of our plays.

We partner and collaborate with Cabrillo College, UCSC, local schools, arts organizations, individual artists, and the community at large, thereby providing for a broader outreach to our county.

Since 2002, our Outreach Program to queer and straight youth offers an educational component and free tickets to performances relevant to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) experience.

ELIGIBILITY: Interested theatre artists are welcome to audition, apply for teaching positions, submit plays and participate in the activities of the company. At the schools where we offer classes and put on play productions, all students are eligible to participate.
Mission:To offer educational opportunities, outreach programs and theatrical productions of visual beauty, historical relevance, social purpose and artistic integrity that address injustice and embrace diversity.
Programs:Pisces Moon In-the-Classroom Program:
Pisces Moon artists are part of the SPECTRA program (SPECial Teaching Resource in the Arts) through the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County. Through this award-winning program, a Pisces Moon drama teacher will come to your school or home-school and provide interactive classes including play writing and acting.

Young Company Program
Pisces Moon Young Company provides an opportunity where talented teenaged actors with a high level of commitment can work with a team of creative professionals to stage a dramatic play that is concerned with social justice.

Pisces Moon School Collaboration
An educational, community-wide collaboration with Cabrillo College and Delta Charter High School through the Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project. Our session will discuss the DMWSTP, its inception, its mission, and the collaborative efforts with schools to produce the play Dead Man Walking while simultaneously introducing the issue of capital punishment across the curricula. Focus will be on the impact that theater can have on students' understanding of controversial issues in the world and their ability to connect those issues to their own lives.
Meetings:Varies, please contact for current offerings.
Publications:Please contact for current brochure information or visit our website at
Volunteer Info:Pisces Moon Productions is a non-profit, public benefit, 501(c)(3) organization. Please inquire by calling 429-2328 or emailing
Languages other than English:Spanish
Accommodations for Disabled:Parking & Wheelchair Access
Public Transportation:Available Within Two Blocks
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Fees:Call for Information
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
Funding Source:Donations

Susan Myer Silton
Artistic Director

Contact Persons

Susan Myer Silton
P.O. Box 3422
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

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 Acting Instruction
Children's Theater Productions
Community Involvement Programs
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Issues
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Playwriting/Screenwriting Instruction
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