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General Agency Information
Name:Association of Faith Communities of Santa Cruz County
Address:532 Center St.
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
Driving Directions
Primary Phone:831-425-6559
Secondary Phone:831-423-8787
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Monday-Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Description:The Association of Faith Communities (AFC) is an unincorporated association of local faith communities in Northern Santa Cruz County. The Association formed to foster coordination between faith communities, to support the efforts of our members in their collective ministries to people who are homeless, living in poverty or who are in economic need, and to assist our members in enhancing the effectiveness of our individual and collective efforts.

The activities of the AFC are coordinated by our Steering Committee. Membership of the AFC and our Steering Committee are open.
Mission:Our mission as an Association of Faith Communities in Santa Cruz County is to coordinate the efforts of our members in their collective ministries to people who are homeless, living in poverty or who are in economic need and to assist our members in enhancing the effectiveness of our individual and collective efforts.
Programs:Our current and planned projects are:

1. Inventory of Services Provided by Area Faith Communities

The AFC Inventory Committee's has developed a resource directory of services provided by faith communities in northern Santa Cruz County for homeless people and others in extreme need. An Adobe Acrobat file displaying this Resource Directory that has been posted on the AFC website:

2. Recreational Vehicle Parking Committee

The CIty of Santa Cruz, the County of Santa Cruz and the City of Capitola permit limited RV camping at church facilities with some restrictions. One of those restrictions is that the County has four exempt zones that do not permit RV Camping. The Recreational Vehicle Parking Committee has developed a document titled "Interfaith Satellite Shelter Project Recreational Vehicle Guest Program." This program is designed to assist by local churches in establishing an RV program at their church.

3. Reestablishment of the Interfaith Satellite Shelter Program (ISSP)

The AFC Steering Committee is making an effort to reestablish the ISSP program. The program now operates its shelter five nights per week, with Calvary Episcopal Church, First Congregational Church, The Circle Church, Trinity Presbyterian Church, and Holy Cross Catholic Church each hosting the shelter one night per week. The sub committee responsible for this effort has been appointed. Additional churches will be necessary to make the program work seven days a week. Participating churches may provide their own monitors or utilize the monitors who are currently volunteering at other churches.

4. The Steering Committee is working on four initiatives to assist HSC with its nutritional programs.

4. Development of an all year shelter to replace the National Guard Armory

The Steering Committee supports the ongoing efforts to establish an all year homeless shelter to replace the seasonal shelter at the National Guard Armory. An all-year shelter will create opportunities not possible at the Armory and could result in reduced operating expense in relation to the Armory. Although we are not directly involved in the development of this project as an organization, some of our Steering Committee members are directly involved, We see a role for the collective faith communities in assisting in and complementing the services to be provided at a permanent shelter if a shelter is developed.

5. Socks for People in Need (SPIN) Program

The Socks for People in Need program is designed to use existing church clothing and food distribution outlets and meal sites to collect donations and distribute socks for people in need. The "Socks for People In Need" program:

a. Collects socks at multiple locations using "sock boxes"

b. Solicits donations to support the program

c. Provides storage for donated socks

d. Delivers socks to distribution locations where they will be given to those in need

e. Creates an on-line promotion packet

f. Makes presentations on the program to interested churches

The AFC SPIN Program has distributed thousands of socks to homeless people at churches, and at food distribution sites and and meal sites.
Facilities:The AFC operates overnight homeless shelters and RV Parking sites at area churches and other faith community owned sites.
Meetings:The Steering Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 5:00 PM in the fireside room in the parish hall at Calvary Episcopal Church. Refreshments are served. The meetings adjourn promptly at 6:30 PM. All faith communities are welcome to participate.
Publications: Shelter Operating Policy and Recreational Vehicle Parking Program Outline for use by faith communities wishing to operate such programs
Volunteer Info: All of our efforts are volunteer based. We invite volunteer shelter monitors, and welcome additional faith communities to join us in serving people who are homeless, living in poverty or who are in economic need.
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Call for information
Eligibility:Not Applicable
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
Funding Source:Donations

Fr. Joel  Miller
Chair of Steering Committee
532 Center St.
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Contact Persons

Scott Galloway
532 Center St.
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

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