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General Agency Information
Name:HSA Public Health Nursing Program
Address:1080 Emeline Avenue
P.O. Box 962
Santa Cruz, CA  95061
Driving Directions
Primary Phone:831-454-4339
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Anytime (Answering machine available)
Description:Monday-Friday 8:30am-10:30am
Talk to a Public Health Nurse about various health issues, messages left after hours will be returned the next business day 454-4339. Phone consultations with Public Health Nurses to help individuals/families with a wide range of health problems and to provide referrals to other health and human service agencies. Multi-problem families, teens, those with high risk infants and individuals with communicable diseases, are priorities.
Programs:Communicable Disease Control and Prevention:
Immunizations, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Control & Prevention and Tuberculosis (TB) Control **See Related Agency links below**

Family Health Programs:
Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP)

Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP):
provide prenatal care that also includes assessments, education, childbirth education classes, support and referrals for other needed services.

Families Together Program (FT: provide families with services and support to prevent children from entering the Child Protective Services 454-4222.

High Risk Infant (HRI) Program: provide home-based support, education, and professional assistance for families with premature and/or substance exposed babies, or moms with mental health issues.

Primeros Pasos Program (PP: provide comprehensive assessment, intensive case management and treatment opportunities to families where parental substance abuse is a significant concern.

Pregnancy Outreach and Education (POE): provides education, information, referrals and coordination to assist pregnant women in obtaining early and comprehensive prenatal health care and other needed services.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Program:provide support, referrals and coordination of services for families, child care providers and others who have experienced the loss of a baby from SIDS.
Languages other than English:Spanish
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Available Within One Block
Eligibility:Open to All
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
Physical Location:Santa Cruz
Funding Source:County Government
Federal Government
State Government
Related Agencies
Parent Agency:Health Services Agency of Santa Cruz County
Child Agencies:Adolescent Family Life Program
HSA Public Health Department Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
HSA Public Health Department Immunizations and Vaccines
Subject Headings
 At Risk Adults
At Risk Families
At Risk Populations
At Risk Youth
Government Agencies
Health Care Referrals
High Risk Infants/Children
Information and Referral
Public Health
Public Health Nursing
Teen Parent/Pregnant Teen Education Programs
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
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