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Hiking/Camping Safety Education

Programs that are designed to increase public awareness of the measures people can take to avoid accidents or other problems and ensure their safety while hiking, camping or engaging in other similar outdoor activities. Hiking/camping safety education programs may focus on appropriate clothing for the season and locale (e.g., rain, sun gear), what to bring (e.g., medical kit, snakebite kit, compass, map, flashlight, insect repellant, sunscreen, extra food), fire safety (if camping), local wildlife (if dangerous), recommended skills/knowledge (e.g., first aid, filtering/treating water, erecting a tent, local laws/regulations, what to do if lost) and general safety procedures such as staying on marked trails, avoiding weather hazards or hiking/camping alone and ensuring that someone knows expected departure and return times and the planned itinerary.

Taxonomy Code: JR-820.280

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