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TimeBank Santa Cruz

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General Agency Information
Name:TimeBank Santa Cruz
Alternate Name(s):Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo
Primary Phone:831-462-1032
Description:TimeBank Santa Cruz is a network of people who share tasks, skills and talents using units of time as currency. It uses software to connect people in real time to meet real needs. Timebanking offers a low-cost infrastructure that provides services and a sense of belonging to its individual members and offers collaborative solutions to other nonprofit service providers. Its premise of reciprocity enhances the dignity of all participants.

Why reskill?
We reskill to rediscover hidden talents, to reclaim lost abilities, to unearth the wisdom needed to create sustenance and bounty. We reskill to restore, cherish and preserve our quality of life and our environment.

ELIGIBILITY: over 18 years old, all County residents.
Mission:Our mission is to strengthen local resilience by utilizing the human resources of our County’s residents to meet the needs of their fellows.

Our mission is to strengthen the reskilling movement locally by regularly teaching sustainable daily-living skills, to promote skill-sharing for a resilient common future and to enhance the development of self-reliance in Santa Cruz County.
Programs:We're changing how we deliver sustainable living-skills education: instead of large, day-long events, we'll be offering pop-up reskilling workshops throughout the year through the TimeBank at members' homes and other locations. The best way to be involved is to join the Timebank: you can reskill yourself there year-round. All classes will be free to TimeBankers and low-cost to non-members. Proceeds benefit the TimeBank.
Languages other than English:Spanish
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Call for information
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Fees:Annual Dues
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
Funding Source:Donations

Bonnie  Linden

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