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Wild Farm Alliance

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General Agency Information
Name:Wild Farm Alliance
Alternate Name(s):WFA
Address:P.O. Box 2570
Watsonville, CA  95077
Primary Phone:831-761-8408
Fax Number:831-761-8103
 Use California Relay: Yes
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Monday-Friday, 9-5
Description:The Wild Farm Alliance (WFA) was established by a group of wildlands proponents and ecological farming advocates who share a concern for the land and its wild and human inhabitants. To make our food systems sustainable in the 21st century, we envision a world in which community-based, ecologically managed farms and ranches are seamlessly integrated into landscapes that accommodate the full range of native species and ecological processes.

FUNDING SOURCE: Foundation and Government Grants

Mission:Our mission is to promote a healthy, viable agriculture that helps protect and restore wild Nature.
Programs:Making Biodiversity Conservation a Cornerstone of Organic Agriculture
Co-managing Food Safety and Conservation
Farm Restoration
Publications: Farm as Natural Habitat Book
Biodiversity Farm Brochure
Biodiversity-friendly menus: Connecting kitchens and ecosystems communique
Briefing Papers
Chef's Toolkit
Farm Bill 2012
Farming With the Wild Book
Wild Farm Alliance Food Pyramid
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Available Within Four Blocks
Eligibility:Open to All
Fees:Donations Accepted
Areas Served:United States
Funding Source:See Description Notes

Jo Ann  Baumgartner

Subject Headings
 Environmental Protection and Improvement
Environmental Quality
Food Safety Education
Food Safety Standards
Speakers/Speakers Bureaus
Sustainable Agriculture Programs
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