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Lompico Community Center

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General Agency Information
Name:Lompico Community Center
Alternate Name(s):LCC
The Lompico Community Center
Address:P.O. Box 137
Mount Hermon, CA  95041
Primary Phone:831-621-1742
Description:The Lompico Community Center (LCC) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to making Lompico the best community in all of Santa Cruz County. It is operated by a volunteer board of directors, whom are all Lompico residents and whom are all unpaid. The LCC helps improve Lompico by planning and coordinating neighborhood improvement projects.

Residents that want to help improve Lompico can do so in several ways:
* Become an LCC Member by paying your yearly membership dues.
Your membership dues help pay our yearly operating costs and finance improvement projects.
* Make a financial donation above and beyond your yearly membership fee.
* Serve on the Board of Directors
* Volunteer your time, materials and/or resources.

ELIGIBILITY: Must be a Lompico resident or homeowner

Programs:Annual Easter Egg Hunt (free)
Annual Summer Basketball Camp (free)
Facilities:Community Park with playground and basketball court with professional surface. Bus shelter, bathroom, Payphone, Drink machine
Volunteer Info:The LCC welcomes all volunteers. To make the strongest impact on the neighborhood, ask for a position on the board. The LCC is very open to new blood driving local improvement efforts. To volunteer please contact Duane Davis at (831) 621-1742 or
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Available Within Four Blocks
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Fees:Annual Dues
Fee Amounts:$25.00  Senior
$30.00  Family
$25.00  Student
$25.00  Individual
Areas Served:See Description Notes
Funding Source:Contributions
Proceeds from Sales

Duane  Davis

Subject Headings
 Community Involvement Programs
Community/Nature Area Cleanup/Enhancement Projects
Neighborhood Improvement Groups
Neighborhood Revitalization
Private Nonprofits
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