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Take Back Santa Cruz

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General Agency Information
Name:Take Back Santa Cruz
Alternate Name(s):TBSC
Address:P.O. Box 7028
Santa Cruz, CA  95061-7028
Description:Take Back Santa Cruz is an organization committed to the safety and well-being of the citizens of beautiful Santa Cruz.

TBSC was founded by your community willing to take action against criminal and abusive behavior. Since then, literally thousands of Santa Cruz residents have spoken up with enthusiastic support and a willingness to help realize a vision based on community, inspiration, and action.

Areas Served: City of Santa Cruz
Mission:This group has one goal and one goal only: To make the streets of Santa Cruz safe and free from drugs, gangs and abusive behavior. We accept everyone and anyone who want to achieve this goal. We donít care about your race, nationality, color, creed, sexual orientation, age or political leanings.

We support the Santa Cruz police department.
We support our emergency services.
We support the Santa Cruz fire department.

We are about action. This is the time to TAKE BACK Santa Cruz. The days of sitting in our homes and feeling helpless are over. By joining this group, you are making a commitment to being involved and participating in making this a reality.
Programs:NEEDLE SOLUTIONS TEAM is working on a research project of needles found.

HARVEY WEST SAFETY TEAM PETITION TO implement security measures to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, community, and the Homeless Service Center clients who are directly affected by current standards in place.
Meetings:Check website calendar of events for meeting times
Volunteer Info:Check the website
Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Varies Depending on Location
Public Transportation:Varies
Eligibility:Open to All
Areas Served:See Description Notes

Analicia  Cube
Co-founder, CEO

Subject Headings
 Community Action/Social Advocacy Groups
Crime Prevention Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
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