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Dignity Health Dominican Hospital Center for Lifestyle Management

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General Agency Information
Name:Dignity Health Dominican Hospital Center for Lifestyle Management
Alternate Name(s):Center for Lifestyle Management
Primary Phone:831-457-7077
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Call for Times
Description:Ongoing medically based lifestyle programs that can be joined at anytime.

See Pep Classes catalog for specific information.
Programs:Wellness Coaching
Asthma Management
Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation
Diabetes Management
Exercise and Health Assessments
Exercise and Health Programs
Nutrition Counseling
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Weight Management
Publications:Pep Classes from Dominican Hospital, twice a year
Languages other than English:Spanish
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Available Within Four Blocks
Eligibility:Call for Information
Open to All
Fees:Call for Information
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
Physical Location:Santa Cruz
Related Agencies
Parent Agency:Dominican Hospital Personal Enrichment Program
Subject Headings
 Asthma Clinics
BMI/Body Composition Screening
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cholesterol/Triglycerides Tests
Diabetes Management Clinics
Eating Disorders
Exercise Classes/Groups
Health Education
Heart Disease
Medically Monitored Physical Fitness
Nutrition Education
Physical Activity and Fitness Education/Promotion
Physical Fitness
Physical Fitness Assessment
Private Nonprofits
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Weight Loss Assistance
Weight Management
Wellness Programs
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