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General Agency Information
Name:Media Watch
Address:P.O. Box 618
Santa Cruz, CA  95061
Primary Phone:831-423-6355
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:By Appointment
Description:Nationwide nonprofit network to improve media images. Specifically concerned with violent images and traditional sex stereotypes. We do public actions to denounce ads, beauty pageants and other events where sexism, racism and violence is celebrated. We publish action alerts online and encourage people to sign up with their email addresses to receive our updates.
Mission:Our mission is to challenge abusive stereotypes and other biased information commonly found in the media through education and action. Media Watch endorses media literacy as part of standard curriculum in our K-12 educational system. We provide monthly ACTION newsletters to help create more informed consumers of the mass media. We do not endorse any form of censorship, especially the continued silencing of marginalized groups. Corporate owned media is known to use any image or story to manipulate buying power and sway public opinion, regardless of the harm engendered by their information and images. We believe people's health and safety must always take priority over profit.
Programs:***Commit to Community Radio***:
We have a one time opportunity to purchase a community radio station serving the people of Calfornia's central coast. The airwaves can reach a potential audience of nearly one million people. In August KUSP 88.9FM went bankrupt. This vital community resource is on the auction block and available for purchase. We hope to start a new station with public service and localism at its heart. Community radio is relevant because it connects us to one another in an increasingly digital world. The programming will celebrate cultural, political, and artistic voices that are excluded elsewhere. The doors are open for your ideas and creativity to flourish. We are competing against large corporate radio networks from outside the area. We have as little as one month to raise funds. We need your financial help NOW to bid successfully and secure these licenses for the public good.

Subscribe to become a part of Media Watch and receive the monthly Action Alert News, and stand up to corporate media.

Award-winning video projects

KYTH-lp 101.9 FM radio station that will be youth-led.
Publications:Media Watch News, online archive
Volunteer Info:We invite community participation.
Languages other than English:Spanish
Accommodations for Disabled:Call for Information
Public Transportation:Available Within One Block
Eligibility:Open to those who share an interest
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County
United States
Funding Source:Donations
Proceeds from Sales

Ann Simonton

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Ann Simonton

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