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Toughlove Cupertino and South San Jose

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General Agency Information
Name:Toughlove Cupertino and South San Jose
Primary Phone:650-780-9587
Email Address:TL@redthruviolet.comt
Days/Hours of Operation/Phone:Call for Times
Description:Parent Support Group Cupertino is a self-help organization that provides ongoing education and active support to families, empowering adults and young people to accept responsibility for their actions. Come to a meeting to see what we have to offer. At the end of your first meeting, you can decide if this program will help you and your family.

We are a support group, not a therapy group.
We have no affiliation with any religious or political group.
Based on new ideas, you make your own plans, and get support from the group to follow through with your decisions.
We offer suggestions, hope and sharing.
We do not advocate or support violence against kids or parents.
We do not advocate or support throwing our minor kids out.
We do not tell you what to do.
We do not offer an instant fix.
Your situation took a long time to develop, t will take time to reverse.

ELIGIBILITY: Parents and grandparents.

Mission:Our mission is to build a network of support that builds cooperative families and makes communities a safe place to live.
Meetings:Mondays, 7-9:30pm at Kaiser Permanente Santa Teresa, Medical Office Building, 275 Hospital Parkway, San Jose

Languages other than English:None
Accommodations for Disabled:Parking & Wheelchair Access
Public Transportation:Call for information
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Fees:Call for Information
Areas Served:United States
Subject Headings
Mutual Support Groups
Parent Support Groups
Parenting/Family Support Groups
Parents of Teens
Private Nonprofits
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