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Name:180/2020 Santa Cruz
Primary Phone:831-498-9441
Description:Open Office Hours:
Wednesdays from 12:00-3:00pm at the Homeless Services Center, 115 Coral St.

180/2020 is a multi-agency community initiative in Santa Cruz County, CA to help men, women, and families who have experienced long-term homelessness turn their lives around. We will help them move into permanent housing with the support services they need to stay housed, thereby changing lives and improving our community. Building on the success of housing over 200 people during our first 180 initiative, we've set a new goal to end chronic homelessness in Santa Cruz County by 2020.

ELIGIBILITY: It is preferred that our volunteers commit to at least a few months and have a vehicle to drive.
Volunteer Info:Housing Navigators: Help connect 180/2020 participants with housing and services, Move-In Crew or Survey Tag Team. Email Liz Hochler-Volunteer Coordinator at
Languages other than English:Spanish
Accommodations for Disabled:Not Applicable
Public Transportation:Not Applicable
Eligibility:See Description Notes
Areas Served:Santa Cruz County

Liz Hochler
Volunteer Coordinator

Kris  Younggrenn
Executive Director

Subject Headings
 Homeless Advocacy Groups
Homeless Families
Homeless Individuals
Homeless Mentally Ill
Homeless People
Homeless Veterans
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