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Archeology Clubs/Societies

Programs that provide organized opportunities for individuals to pursue their interest in archaeology, the scientific study of extinct peoples or of past phases of the culture of historic peoples through skeletal remains, fossils and objects of human workmanship such as implements, artifacts, monuments or inscriptions found in the earth, often through the medium of a club or society which is under the leadership of people who are knowledgeable in the subject. Activities may include field trips which enable participants to view and/or excavate different archaeological sites; lectures, slide shows and other presentations that provide information about archaeological topics; opportunities for members to share and/or discuss their own work on major issues in the field; and other activities that promote the study and appreciation of the archaeology. Included are Internet-based virtual clubs, WebRings devoted to the subject and clubs where members meet face-to-face.

Taxonomy Code: PS-8200.3100-050

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