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Protective/Restraining Orders

Programs that provide assistance for people who need to obtain legal protection to prevent harassment, stalking or violence in situations involving domestic abuse, elder abuse, abduction or civil harassment. Included are emergency protective orders that police can obtain from the court to provide immediate protection to an abused family member for five to seven days until an application for a temporary restraining order can be made in court; longer-term temporary restraining orders issued in civil court that forbid contact with the protected person until the propriety of granting a permanent injunction can be evaluated; permanent or after-hearing restraining orders that make a short-term injunction granted in the temporary restraining order permanent (or specify the amount of time they will remain in effect); criminal temporary protective orders which apply in situations where an abusive individual has been arrested and faces trial; stalking/harassment orders (also known as civil harassment orders) which provide protection in non-domestic situations; and peace bonds which apply when a current or former partner, co-worker, casual acquaintance or stranger is threatening the person's safety, the safety of a family member or the person's property. Depending on the situation, a person may have more than one type of protective/restraining order. Procedures and timeframes for obtaining protective/restraining orders, the types of orders available and requirements for renewal vary by jurisdiction.

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